COMPLETED: Tamiya 1/48 Crusader Mk II

This things been sitting around mostly done for 3 years. Glad to finally have her in the display case.

20160903_012212 20160903_012159



Completed Builds for 2013

CL-64 USS Vincennes Completed June 1st 2013 – This tribute build is the 1/700 Midship models kit of the USS Miami. It was built OOB and is housed in an acrylic case. The ship and blue underlayment were attached to each other and the case with Future floor wax.

Delivered to her new owner and former crewman Paul Schidler June 9th 2013 – Paul Schidler served on her in 1945 after her refit.

P-47D Razorback Completed September 17th 2013 – This is the sweet Tamiya 1/48 Razorback D kit. I have built the M and the bubble top D kit previously. The 47 is my favorite subject and the Tamiya kits are jewels. Here we have P-47D 42-75676 YJ-K “Janny M”. Flown by Capt. William K Lahke of the 351st Fighter Squadron. The group would later convert to Mustangs.

D. H. Mosquito FB Mk.VI Completed December 31st 2013 – And finally my New Years Eve date. The Tamiya D.H. Mosquito FB Mk.VI. This bird was delivered to the IDFAF from France in 1951. The decal sheet shows this aircraft carrying the yellow and black Suez war stripes from 1956. However there is also a report that this aircraft was lost in 1952. Therefore I left off the stripes. I went a bit crazy with the weathering trying to show just how tired these old airframes were. She’s got a lot of warts but I’m glad to have her finished after 22 months. Now, where am I going to put her? I’m out of shelf space. 8)

Completed: 1/48 Tamiya “Mossie” FB.VI

Well, I made it! I finished this bird at 2308 local(MST). She can now be added to the very short 2013 finished list. I started this kit in February of 2012 with the intent of entering it in a contest that April. When I missed the deadline I moved on to other things and she lay idle waiting for some affection.  I tried some really heavy weathering techniques to show the condition of these hand me downs. There are stories of these aircraft breaking up in mid air due to delamination of the plywood used in their construction. True or not I wanted to make this one look worn out. I may have over done it but I like it. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!