A&E fowls up Duck flap: Column

I don’t watch the show but this about sums it up. It was really just a matter of time.

A&E fowls up Duck flap: Column.


The Hypocrisy of Holidays

I feel like I must apologize. Apologize for a society that pretends to recognize things that it really does not.  What am I talking about?  Generally I’m talking about holidays.

We just passed Veterans Day in the United States and it left me wondering what the point was.  I know personally what the point is but do we as a nation still understand why we have holidays?  I remember when the special days actually had meaning.  In those days when we actually sacrificed a little by closing our business and thereby put something else above our own pocketbooks.  Most companies nowadays treat a holiday as any other day only giving enough lip service to it that they can reap the benefits.

Communities no matter how small had celebrations and parades and all sorts of other things.  What happened to those days?  What happened to the parades, the town picnics, and all those other little celebrations?  Those are the things that make holidays special.  Just slapping a label on a day and going about our business as any other day means nothing.  So for that I say I’m sorry.  I say it today, I’ll say it at Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4th and every other day that is listed as a holiday.

Specifically this day I apologize to our veterans past, present, and future, alive or dead.  I apologize that you live in a country that gives you lip service instead of the recognition they claim you deserve.  I know most of you don’t expect it but that is no excuse for the behavior of those who claim to owe you so much.

May God bless each and every one of you.