Completed: 1/48 Tamiya “Mossie” FB.VI

Well, I made it! I finished this bird at 2308 local(MST). She can now be added to the very short 2013 finished list. I started this kit in February of 2012 with the intent of entering it in a contest that April. When I missed the deadline I moved on to other things and she lay idle waiting for some affection.  I tried some really heavy weathering techniques to show the condition of these hand me downs. There are stories of these aircraft breaking up in mid air due to delamination of the plywood used in their construction. True or not I wanted to make this one look worn out. I may have over done it but I like it. Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



3 thoughts on “Completed: 1/48 Tamiya “Mossie” FB.VI

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