Some Christmas Day Bench Time

1/48 Tamiya Mossie canopy after paint removal

1/48 Tamiya Mossie canopy after paint removal

I actually got to steal away a few minutes during all the Christmas mayhem yesterday and spent some of it at the bench. I managed to do some detail painting on the Mossie’s small parts but best of all I got the rest of the excess paint off of the canopy. The PVA glue that I had used to mask it stuck to it like, pardon the pun, glue. I literally had to scrape it off with a no.11 blade. I then hit it with a wet 3200 grit sanding stick. Sure it looks horrible at this point but a bit of elbow grease, a coat of Future, and a lot of touch up with a good old hairy stick should yield an acceptable result.

I am really going to try and finish this bird before the 1st. Key word being try. It’s totally doable if I can stay focused. I’ve started a lot of projects this year. I just didn’t get many over the finish line. Well, actually, I think only one. That will make for a short 2013 finished builds post.


2 thoughts on “Some Christmas Day Bench Time

  1. I too thought I’d spend a good part of my Christmas building but I only had a few moments myself. Like you I’m trying to push my 2013 finished from one to two.
    And what is a hairy stick? Not heard that one before.

    • The good old “hairy stick” aka “paint brush”.

      Good that you got some bench time. Every little bit helps. I really just needed a break from the noisy holiday for a bit. What better escape huh?

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