One Step at a Time


It’s all about the Cross

I have to admit I have issues with Christmas. Well, maybe that is not accurate. What perplexes me is how the celebration of Christmas in the United States has outgrown every other holiday except perhaps New years. I grew up holding the view of the grandness of Christmas that most everyone else of my generation did. Only after I was granted God’s grace did I, or even could I, really understand what Christmas was about. First I had to understand what it wasn’t. Christmas isn’t about the lights, and the presents, and the snow, and the coming together of our communities. Those are wonderful side effects of the holiday as we have propagated it culturally. Attitudes and acts that we should see daily everyday, holiday or not. But I digress. What have I come to realize about Christmas over the last 5 or so years of my time hear on this earth? I have learned that Christmas is about the Cross, that the birth of Christ was ultimately about his crucifixion. The birth of Christ was and is about you and I. It was about my sin and yours. It was and is about the grace that comes to us via the Cross. Christmas, my friends, is really about Easter. nonsense you say. Give it some thought. The most famous birth ever had to happen so that God could make atonement for all people as he had promised. The purpose of Christ’s birth was his death.


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