Tis the Season

I have realized something these past few weeks. It took a bit to sink in but it really solidified for me the night before last as I listened to my children answer that dreaded question “What do you want for Christmas?”

My oldest is easy. He wants the latest XBOX shootem’ up game so he can play with his buddies. No guess work, no wobbling, no problem at all.

My youngest isn’t quite as easy but he does have it nailed down to a general area. He likes R/C stuff. Any kind of R/C stuff. Planes, cars, helicopters, tanks, he’ll take them all. Oh, and of course he wants an iPad too.

Then we have the middle one. My wonderful daughter who is never at a loss for want. As she rambled off her seemingly endless list of wants I found my mind wandering as it sometimes does when I’ve quit listening to the person that is talking. (Yeah, I do that too. ) As she droned on my mind went off in the direction of my thoughts over the last few weeks.

You see, I’ve reached that point in my life where I really have no wants. Sure there are things that I would like to have but I really do not want for anything. I can sit here and look at the path of my life not as ups and downs but as a series of events that have led me here to where I am now. It’s kind of like an old black and white film. There are bits and pieces missing but the major events that formed me are still intact. I have a family that I would envy were it not mine, friends that I truly cherish, and the undeserved grace of God. I really could not ask for, nor do I want for, anything more.



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