Google+ and YouTube Frustrations

What in the world is going on at Google? First they made me change my username to my real name. I kinda got over that. It’s not like I’m an international spy or something but this latest bit has me a bit miffed. I was given the option to reestablish my old username on YouTube which i did. Well now I have two separate accounts which means when I post new videos on my ShutterAce account they do not automatically show up on my JimDeck account. Grrrr…..

I suppose if I could tranfer all of my Google+ settings to the ShutterAce account that would solve a lot of my problem. There are some other things I want to do out in the community other than modelling. If I could concentrate all of the modelling stuff on the ShutterAce account and free up the JimDeck account for other stuff perhaps I would be a happy man.

Enough ranting from me. Have a great day!



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