The wife and I were blessed with some rare time together to go see Courageous.

Here’s what I wrote about it on another site last week:

Seeing as the snow kept me pretty much tootling around Colorado Springs the wife and I went to see Courageous at the IMAX Saturday night.

I’m going to try and keep this general here as to not give the story away but I am going to tell you what the movie is about.

On second thought, if you read your Bible, you should already know what this movie is about. There are no hidden secrets of fatherhood stored within this story. You might even say it’s a summarized visual bible study on God’s expectation of men AND women, not just males who happen to be fathers.

I do have one issue with this movie and it centers around Matthew 5:37. I’ll leave it at that for now.

This movie was predictable but emotional. There was only one surprise for me and figuring out “who dunit” took about 2 seconds once the issue was revealed. I’m pretty reserved but my wife has enough emotion for the both of us. I did find my self saying quite adamantly at the end, “shoot him, shoot him” as the bad guy was attempting a kidnapping. But this isn’t supposed to be a good movie is it? It’s supposed to be a God movie.

I think every man, married or not, kids or no kids, Christian or not, needs to see this movie. It really is a summary of what God expects of us. It’s also a good illustration of the role of wives. Do I think it will change anything in the world. Maybe, locally, for a short period of time but in general people will always return to their comfort zone. The trick is to make that comfort zone uncomfortable. Then people will move on.

Ok, enough jibber jabber. What did I get out of this movie? I realized I have even less time than I knew I had in the first place. Make the most of it gentlemen. I plan on it! Smiley


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