Election Results?

Hi All,

I’m going warn you up front I’m venting a bit here.

I took the family to one of the local “Christmas” Parades Friday night. It was actually in Delta which is the county seat. To say I was a bit unhappy after would probably be being a bit to gentle. You would have thought it was the 4th of July!!! Every entry had some patriotic theme. Is that a problem? Not really. The problem was that there were 2 Santa’s and one nativity that consisted of silouhetes of the manger tended by George Washington and Abe Lincoln. Yes one! I think the largest group was a bunch of people in street clothes with a sign that read “Conservative Republicans of Delta County”. Well they’re not conservative enough for me if they’ll take an opportunity to honor Christ and use it to push there agenda!

At first I thought I was over reacting but the fact that this has been on my mind continually the entire weekend tells differently. Is this what we’ve come too? A nation so consumed by it’s political system that it’s citizens can’t even take an opportunity to share Christ with their community and use it as such?

Look, I realize the “American” Christmas was originally fashioned as a “stimulus” package for the growing department stores and that most of the traditions were born from distant lands with different histories and cultures. Pretty much a melting pot of a holiday for a melting pot of a nation with a little storytelling and advertising thrown in. However, we as the Church, have adopted this as the day of our Saviors birth. No, I don’t expect to cleanse images of the secular Christmas from public celebrations but a little bit of Christ in Christmas would be nice. Am I asking too much from a nation that claims to be 80+% Christian? I guess the real question is how much of that 80+ percent know what being a Christian means? From what I see not many!

Ok, I feel better now.

Merry Christmas,


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