Time for an update. I figured I’d write this one for two reasons. One I don’t feel like doing a video, and two I’m not sure people really like the videos. They are easy for me to do but if nobodies watching whats the point?

Lot of changes going on. Fall is here. It’s cooling off at night. Last Monday on the way to Montrose there was snow on the San Juan Mountains and yesterday on the way home from Delta I noticed snow above Crested Butte on the huge ridge that Twin Lakes sits on. The scuttle is it’s going to be a mild winter. That doesn’t mean short though. No problem, I enjoy winter. Check out the Colorado snow cams here.

I thought I had a pretty good job lined up but it didn’t quite work out how I had hoped. It may still work out in the long run. Only time will tell. Got some short time contract work going and I am helping a friend of mine out at his camera shop a few hours a week.

Deanna and the kids are busy. Too busy in my opinion. They leave the house at 0600 and get home @ 1830. Of course they are all tired and cranky at the end of the day. Once sports die down hopefully things will change. Way too nutty for me.

We’re all going to take a weekend and got to Loveland next week for a Model Show. I think I’ll enter the two P-47’s and the P-51. I may actually have the Spitfire Mk.Vb done by then too. We’ll see.

We’re also going to Arizona for Thanksgiving. Don’t have it all worked out yet but we will. unfortunately I doubt we will have enough time to get to California. I’m hoping we can arrange a meeting place or something for my family and friends there.

Christmas I’m sure will be spent at home. I hope anyway.

Weather is the big challenge when it comes to travel here. We have to go over high passes to get anywhere so if it’s snowing we ain’t going. LOL


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