Arghh!!! XP = eXponentially Provoking

So, I spent part of last night and most of my day with an XP laptop that had no Anti-Virus and got attacked. Talk about testing ones patience. I have only dealt with one maybe two virus infected machines, none of which were mine, since I moved everything over to Linux over two years ago.

I must say the guys writing this stuff are getting better. Not only did these things hack the registry but they even changed the admin user so I couldn’t open it in regedit. What a nightmare! The main culprit was “Windows Police Pro“. Now maybe this is a common one but I am pretty out of tune with the AV market so it had me stumped for a bit. I couldn’t even run an executable to install AV software! These guys are good. What a way to cover your bases, and make me miserable, all at the same time.

All that said, I do have one XP box in my home in case I need to do something that can only be done in Windows but it has AV on it and rarely gets booted.

If you’re tired of the AV battle you just may want to think about making the switch to Linux too.


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