BSA Troop 497 Star Party

Last Friday, the 16th, I hosted a Star Party for our Boy Scout Troop so that they could work on their Astronomy Merit Badge. Most of my equipment hadn’t been out of storage for almost 6 years! I threw together a new dob base for my 8″ reflector and cleaned all the optics on everything. A quick fix was not going to cut it for a 4.5 EQ mount reflector that my Dad had purchased at yard sale a year or two ago. It is in need of a counterweight and eyepiece adapter so I used it as a prop during the discussion on telescope designs.

The fact is I only had one boy show up but we had a grand time. We saw many beautiful meteors and it felt good to get out under the stars and just look. Maybe just good enough to get those old astronomical juices flowing again. I always did want to build an 18″ reflector. Oh, a large refractor would be nice too, and even a …


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