John Wins at the 2008 Pinewood Derby!

I just had to share this.

Last Saturday night was my oldest son John’s 3rd Pinewood Derby. He has never done very well in the past so I wasn’t really expecting much this year either. I was too busy being the Cubmaster to actually watch any racing but different people kept telling me he had a fast car. Well, when I started tallying up the score from the Webelos heats I was a bit dumbfounded. John had actually won 7 of the 8 heats he raced! Overall he had tied another boy from my den of boys for first place. The other boy, Robert won first lane choice but John beat him by 1/3 of a car in the tie breaker heat. He as ecstatic. Well I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also. On the way home after cleanup I kept saying “I can’t believe you won!” Apparently I said it too many times because John finally had to tell me to quit. Too funny. It’s on to the District race in March for him. What a great day!


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