June 23rd 2007 Father and Son Launch Report

I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to go fly but as usual for a Saturday morning nobody else in the house was up. Once awake my son decided he wanted to tag along so we headed out about 10:00 am. A bit later than I like but I was glad to have him along. We don’t get much time to ourselves and launching rockets makes for a great father and son activity as I’m sure a lot of you know.

First up was my sons new bird. I forget the name of the kit but it is a Quest EZ kit with forward swept fins. He painted it solid gold to match my Goldmember rocket. It flew on a C6-7 to what seemed to be at least 1000 feet returning to earth on the kit supplied streamer with no damage.

Second came my American Arrow. A nice boost on a D12-3 but the chute tangled and she completely popped the entire length of both fillets on one fin. I’ll repair her but she may be headed for retirement. I usually fly my rockets until they are ready for the round file but this is a special bird for me so I may make an exception.

Next up was my Tres on 3 C6-7’s. She flew great and had no damage on recovery. Apparently my repairs from the June 9th launch are satisfactory. I think I want to put a bigger chute on her though. I’ll probably have to go Mylar becase my 15″ nylon barely fits now.

Fourth up was the  SC Drone By the request of my son. He really likes the look of it. Another awesome high flight on a C6-7 with no damage on recovery with a 12″ chute.

Lastley we decide to give the Fake Wulf 290 a try. It had popped a wingtip on its maiden flight on June 9th so this was it return to flight. Things didn’t go so good. Two flights on C6-3’s resulted in really straight boost ending in really straight dives into terra firma. The first crash popped off the same wingtip which I CA’ed back on. The second crash broke the wing in half at the center. It’s repairable but I may retire her also. But of course I’ll have to buy another. It’s just too cool not to have one to fly.

 Unfortuanately the only pictures I took were of my Fake Wulf 290. One during boost of the second flight and one of the remains from the crash on that flight. We were too busy having a good time, sorry.

Fake Wulf 290 Liftoff - Flight 2 of 2 06-23-2007

Fake Wulf 290 liftoff (Flight 2 of 2)

Fake Wulf 290 Crash - Flight 2 of 2 06-23-2007

Fake Wulf 290 crash (Flight 2 of 2)


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