29mm V-2 Conversion

This project has been on my workbench for 6 months or so mainly waiting for paint. Finding a good V-2 scheme that hasn’t been done a thousand times isn’t easy. It is actually a converted Estes Canadian Arrow. The conversion basically consisted of the following:

  • Body tube shortened by 4 inches
  • Plywood centering rings from Piestrak Hobbies/Commonwealth Displays
  • Plywood fins from Piestrak Hobbies/Commonwealth Displays
  • 29mm Motor Mount from Piestrak Hobbies/Commonwealth Displays
  • West System epoxy throughout

I’m still in need of a 29 motor casing, some form of motor retention and a parachute. Motor retention will probably consist of a stainless steel screw and washer. Also, I have a 36″ flare parachute but it’s a tight fit in the tube. I may be able to use it but I may not. I’ll just have to keep tinkering.

Once complete it should push close to 3000 feet at about 80% mach. Cool!

All built up and dressed in primer.
V-2 in primer

Next was the white basecoat. Not that I planned on a scheme using white. It was what I had on hand and I wanted to get some color onto the rocket. Like I said, it’s been on my workbench for a long time.
V-2 in white basecoat

You can’t get a bigger motor in here than this! Hah!
V-2 motor mount
With all the weight in the back from the plywood and epoxy I had to come up with a way to put a lot of weight up front. I cut out the bottom of the nosecone and attached a piece of all-thread in with two pumps of epoxy. I then attached the eyebolt with a coupler. It’s heavy but I’m not sure yet if its heavy enough. If not I can just add washers to the all-thread shaft.
V-2 in primer
V-2 in primer

This is the paint scheme I’m thinking about doing. I am still trying to find out what exactly the olive green listed is. It could be RLM 80(FS#34096) but I have no way of knowing for sure. If you can help I’m all ears, or eyes as the case may be.
Field Test Scheme

June 8th Update
The painting is complete. It’s Wal-mart black and white with Gunze IJN Green. Looks good to me. The scheme is a bit boring but it is different. Here’s a couple of pics.
Field Test Scheme
Field Test Scheme


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