Fake-Wulf 290

This is my version of the Rockitflite Fake-Wulf 290, the FW-290 Nachtjager(Nightfighter). This is a fictitious fighter from the last days of the Luftwaffe in WWII. I decided to do a takeoff of a late war night fighter scheme. It is Light Ghost Gray overall with random pattern Gunship Gray on the top surfaces only. Not totally faithful in color or markings to German night fighter units but I think it looks pretty good.

Man, I can’t wait to fly this thing!

FW-290 Nachtjager belonging to the Gruppe II Kommander of an unknown Geschwader. Berlin, December 1945.

FW-290 Plan View

FW-290 Side View


3 thoughts on “Fake-Wulf 290

  1. Glenn,

    Thanks for the comments. It’s not a hard build. I had myself convinced that it would be challenging so I let it sit in the box for a while until I worked up my nerve. Nothing to worry about at all though. The base gray is a bit too dark for German night fighters but it’s what I had on the shelf. The dark gray pattern is just a quick freehand airbrush job. The canopy is some of that spray can gold plate junk. Nothing special but it did come out looking good.

    As far as the markings go I just used what I had. I think they are all kit markings. The double chevron forward of the national insignia denotes a Squadron Commander and the dash denotes an aircraft of the 2nd Group. They yellow color it self denotes it even further down to the 2nd Staffel. There is no squadron badge which is why it remains unknown. So the markings are done as they would have been but are totally ficticious.

    Mine flew great. I just needed a softer landing area. Figure it’s going to need at least 200 feet to circle in on the way down. I retired her due to some missing parts after a crash.

    Hope that answers your questions.


  2. Veryyyyyyyyyyy Nice Paint job!! Any tips for this build? I just won mine on EMRR “Box O’ Parts” contest and looking forward to this build. However, built the Quest Force 5 and lost it in trees 1st flight. Not quite the same but, had wings & winglets w/parachute recovery. Don’t want to loose “Wulf” too.
    Also, whats story w/this “Ficiticous” fighter?? Thanks for any added history. Glenn “garmtn@gmail.com”

  3. Two flights on C6-3’s resulted in really straight boost ending in really straight dives into terra firma. The first crash popped off the same wingtip which I CA’ed back on. The second crash broke the wing in half at the center. It’s repairable but I may retire her. See the June 23rd Flight Report for more info.

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