Like a lot of people my age model rockets were an exciting part of my childhood. My dad did most of the building in those days and that was probably a good thing. We only had one really bad launch that I can remember, an Estes Sky Dart that went crazy once it left the rod. People were hitting the deck all around us. Pretty funny to think back on but obviously unintentional and unsafe.

I re-entered the hobby last year with the purchase of an Estes starter set. A few months later my Cub Scout Bear Den needed a fun project for the boys and rockets fit the bill. We had a build session along with a great launch a few weeks later. I was completely hooked at this point and have been building and flying like a mad man ever since.

I enjoy both the construction and flying but if I had to choose one or the other I’d choose building. Most rockets are fictional vehicles which allows you to do what you want. No need to drive yourself crazy trying to match a prototype paint scheme, just paint it like you want it. It’s a great stress free hobby for those of us who like to create.

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